Shop for the one and only Chiari Pillow™. For each sale Chiari Fund gets $10.00. Zipperhead™ Chiari Pillow™  17 X 38 with 3" gusset seam around the center.  The covered zipper is on the short end of the pillow and allows you to add or take out fill.  They are fully washable and dryable.  100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.  

The Zipperhead™ Chiari Pillow™ is AWESOME!  The TWO Zipperhead™ special has free shipping. Chip’s Surgery Special (A Zipperhead™ Chiari Pillow™ and a Pain in the Neck Pillow) is the best recommendation for those with an upcoming surgery.  Please consider the Zipperhead™ for your next fundraiser through Chiari Fund.  Thank you for your support!

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Click Here To Shop Online. Remember that Chiari Fund gets $10 for each pillow purchased which goes to our mission to help Chiarians..