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Barbara Rowe


Hi, I'm Barbara Rowe, Joey's Mother. I have been married to my husband, Billy Rowe, for 49 years. We have three children, Missy, Joey, and Becky. I was born and raised in Maryland for 40 years. We moved to Salyersville, Kentucky in 1991. We live on a farm and raise horses.

In 2001 my whole world was turned upside down. Joey discovered that he had Arnold Chiari Malformation. Joey had many health problems as a child, but of course. was never diagnosed. As he got older, he would have terrible headaches. We would take him to the ER, but the doctors would never take tests. They would just give him medication and send us home. Sometimes, but not very often, the medications would work. As a mother, it was so frustrating seeing your child suffer and not knowing what to do for him. Joey's legs would also hurt a lot. We took him to several specialists, but again, no one could give us an answer to why Joey was hurting so much. In his early 20's, Joey saw a neurologist and to our disbelief he told us what Joey had but would not explain what it was. The doctor stated that if one day, Joey got out of bed and could not walk, come back and see him. Our journey was just beginning. He then saw an internist that studied his MRI and discovered he had Chiari. She didn't know much about it. Joey did his own research and found a specialist in New York. From there, it is history, as you can read in Joey's Bio.

Then in 2015 our oldest daughter, Missy, discovered that she too had Chiari. We couldn't find a neurologist in Kentucky that had any knowledge about Chiari. They had heard of it, but knew very little about the disease, and as usual had no desire to learn about it. In July 2015, we went to New York and Missy had surgery on the 15th and Joey on the 16th. What a nightmare. Both Joey and Missy still have symptoms, but not quite as bad as they were.


We need to raise money for Chiari Fund, to help those suffering with Chiari that are in desperate need of help. If there is anyone of you, that would like to help raise money for the Chiari Fund, PLEASE contact us. We could really use your help.

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