Currently we are pursuing many avenues to raise our fundraising levels. It all starts at the ground level and in small communities. We can then expand our operations and start to fundraise on a larger scale. There are two current and ongoing fundraisers that we are pursuing. Any ideas on additional fundraisers would be appreciated.

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​Where the Road May Lead: An Inspirational Written for Those Who Live with Chronic Conditions

by: Sharon Greenwell

Mike Ikard

Fundraiser Co Coordinator

Phone: 704-804-4914

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Chiari Fund Is In Desperate Need Of Help

We are always in need of help in any form. We are currently looking for state level help as well as committee Any amount of help is appreciated even if it be for one day. Let’s all get together and help those in need!! For more information please Contact Us

Chiari Fund is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit as determined by the IRS. Click Here for the determination letter.

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Learning to cope is probably the hardest obstacle we face. A chronic condition causes great emotional turmoil as well as physical pain. 

This book helps answer some of those questions that many of us have. 

20% of all profits are donated right back to Chiari Fund!!


for a cure

Amanda Johnson

Executive Vice President

You Can Now Text To Donate...Text the word "chiarifund" to the following number: 843-203-8836


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What is more rewarding then to help those in need and less fortunate. I know from my personal relationship to this organization that it has helped me in so many ways. Finally, it gave me some purpose in life. So, the call has been made. Come and help us so we can continue the mission of Chiari Fund. Any amount of time can help.

Billy "Joey" Rowe

President and Founder

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We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit as provided by the IRS. This means that any cash donations are tax deductible We are registered with NC as a non profit and have a Tax ID. Please consult a tax professional for advice.  .

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  • Chiari Affects 1 in 1,000 People
  • There Is No Cure For Chiari
  • There Are Very Few "Experts" In The Field
  • There Are Many Related Disorders

The mission of Chiari Fund is to serve patients with Arnold Chiari Malformation and Related Disorders by providing monetary and assistance based on need for medical and non-medical expenses. Our hope is that community of patients and their families have the means and support necessary to continue their care.

Barbara Rowe


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